At Abode Capital, we take the time to truly understand our clients, their objectives and goals, and what’s driving their property ambitions.

Economic cycles will come and go, but one thing remains constant: property is key to creating wealth. After nearly two decades in the lending market, Abode Capital understands not everyone has the same goals and aspirations in life. And how property lending is structured also depends greatly on your individual needs and ambitions.

Understanding our clients’ values, priorities and motivation helps us design innovative, bespoke solutions that often exceed what they’ve considered possible. Some clients are driven by the needs of a growing family, others value work/life balance, and some may want an investment strategy based solely on numbers.

We'll help you navigate

Now more than ever, our clients recognise the value of a great relationship with their lender, including having a broker to navigate for them. Why? Because Abode Capital makes sure you get the best possible terms and avoid any mistakes throughout the entire loan process.

Understanding the Legislation

Changes in property legislation can be confusing and often deter people, especially first homebuyers, from investing their hard earned money in the property market. Threats from State and Federal Government bodies can be the difference between successfully entering the property market or being pushed out of the game by increased competition.

For the average lending client in Australia, the industry’s supervisory bodies like ASIC and APRA seldom come up in everyday conversation. It’s the responsibility of these authorities to inform the market of legislative changes before they take effect, so that financial institutions and those delivering lending solutions can explain the potential impact of these changes to you plain English. That’s where we come in. We make sure you understand all the facts, so you can make the best decisions.

At Abode Capital we pride ourselves on our open communication. We make it our business to keep our clients and the wider community well informed with regular direct contact and digital media.

Turning uncertainty into relief

One thing is certain: once you have a clear picture of the best path for your individual needs, the otherwise daunting step into property investment becomes a whole lot easier. The result is usually great relief, knowing you are well prepared and now have the security of owning your own home or investment property.

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